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The growing demand for energy efficient lighting is being accelerated by the implementation of the EU directives which stipulate that incandescent lamps will have to be replaced gradually by energy efficient lamps. Similar legislations are also coming into effect in other parts of the world.
Saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions are worldwide issues that everyone cares about. As lighting plays a major part in energy consumption, switching from incandescent to energy saving lamps could easily help a lot.
World renowned as an environmentally responsible company, GP offers a new and broad portfolio of energy efficient lighting solutions for household use, including energy saving lamps, Halogen Lamps, Fluorescent tubes, LED lamps and accessories.
In pursuit of excellence, GP Energy Saving Lamps are designed for a wide range of household applications worldwide. They offer better light quality, higher luminous efficiency and a longer life span than conventional incandescent lamps. With special focus on compact models, different shapes, sizes, and types of base, GP Energy Saving Lamps fit everywhere: living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, garages, basements and even outdoors.
For consumers, choosing the right lamp is now made much easier by GP’s new and innovative packaging and practical shelf merchandising at the point of sale.
Save energy, save money, and save the environment with GP Energy Saving Lamps.
There’s no need to compromise.
The business of GP Lighting is managed by a team of lighting specialists under Lichton International Limited, a venture set up by GP.